Previous 1.4

very long time since last updated this homepage...

Quick tips for an up to date Previous Build:

Use sourceforge branch branch_realtime to get sources (for a read only source get):

svn checkout svn:// previous-code

SDL2 with a minimal 2.0.4 version is needed (for an ubuntu linux a 14.04 version is required with libsdl2-dev package, alternatively you may recompile SDL2 2.0.4 or later from sources).

Windows cross compile seems somewhat broken for now

previous 0.5

Previous 0.5 was released long time ago (circa August 2014)... But I was a bit away from here...

Andreas migrated from SDL1.2 to SDL2.0... And probably made some other improvment...

I'm now building binaries for linux and win32 if cross compile is not broken.

Be aware that on ubuntu platform SDL2 is on Xmbc PPA not in regular repositories (at least for 12.04)

More improvements

Strange memory write functions were added by Andreas for oldest NextStep releases. A new fpu patch from Toni is also under test.

I removed an old timing bugs that refreshed far too frequently the whole screen (we changed cpu frequency in "clean" hatari places... but hatari timing model was changed when it merged in latest winUAE core. also the cpu/mfp sync trick was causing problems when I tried to have less screen refresh).

To make it short : now faster :)  ... only as source code under SVN

Major improvment on CPU and FPU

Andreas found residual bugs on scsi emulation and added support for the Cube MO drive

Latest winUAE cpu core was merged with support from winUAE coder Toni Wilen.

Release 0.4 will be released soon, system is now partially working including windowing system for some targets (non turbo slabs).

Site was hacked...

Unfortunatly the site was hacked some days ago and is now being restored from an old backup...