Previous is a Next computer hardware emulator. It aims to emulate a Next Cube or a Next Station with all its peripheral.

The emulator is not complete yet.

Current status
Processor 68030 and 68040 CPUs work, including MMU for both, FPU is platform sensitive and has minor incompleteness
Memory All memory + Mono video memory is handled + experimental color display
User input Keyboard works, but partially bad key assignment Mouse works, but problems with losing focus
DMA works for SCSI, MO, Memory to Memory and partially for Ethernet, with dummy for Sound and SCC
SCSI Works
SCSI peripherals CDROM and Hdd emulated
Cube MO drive works, including real Reed Solomon ECC
Timers Real time clock + 2 internal timers handled (known issues for event counter)


Previous is derived from the Hatari emulator sources that are partly based on the amiga emulator UAE. Some Previous source code files are now back in Hatari's source code for 680[34]0 MMU correctness.

Previous may be compiled on linux, MacosX and win32 (and probably other target OS).

The Previous Website was hosted in an atari (case), a small via C3 motherboard in an atari STF case with functional keyboard (original keyboard converted to full HID usb keyboard with a teensy mini board).