68030 MMU emulation

Last weeks, 68030 MMU support was greatly improved by Andreas. Emulation of cubes and slabs are mostly at the same level now.

Enhancing 68040 emulation

The 68040 emulation core was rewritten to match the real ATC structure of the processor. The mach kernel now boots but the initial process (/etc/init or /etc/mach_init) does not start correctly (errno 13). It may be an scsi emulation problem since all targets must be declared to pass a second level of scsi probe (it may also be a bug in mach itself...).

The 68030 MMU will be developped in the next weeks, I now try to tune scsi error codes with real hardware (so I need to cross compile a boot block or a kernel replacement).

Previous 0.3

A new release of previous is in the download section.

It can now partly read a fixed scsi disk.

MMU seems broken for now and is only activated with the 68040 core.

some work on scsi

Andreas added some hooks for the cube SCSI controler NCR53C90.

The datasheet is here : http://www.nextcomputers.org/NeXTfiles/Docs/Hardware/Datasheets/SCSI_Controller/

For now only hardware entry points were added with some debug print.

Website and binaries

This little website was created to publish news about the emulator in a less impersonal way than a simple SVN log.

Previous was also compiled for the first time on win 32 platform (well, maybe other did succeed from sources... but did not publish the result).

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